Diceplayer HELP

Player Control

Basic Control

  • Playback speed control : change playback speed. it depends on capability of video decoder.
  • Aspect ration chage : Pixel 1:1 , 4:3 , 16:9 , 2.51:1 , Fill screen
  • Sutitle sync adjust : change sync of subtitle.
  • Audio track selection : change audio track
  • Subtitle selection : change subtitle track
  • Touch lock : disable touch input

Home Screen


SORT ICON : Sort by Name / Date / Size and Ascending / Decending , Show Folders

HOME ICON : Add/Select Local Folders , Network shares



ADD Local Folders

Press '+' select "Local Foler" Navigate folder to add. or Press "Type" button and type your path to add.  

View Local folder file list

select Folder Path to view file list  

Add SMB(Windows Share) Folers

Press "+" select "SMB Server" Input Server Name or IP and path like "" If your share have ID/Password authentication, uncheck anonymous and input UserID / Password field.

Add FTP Share

Press "+" Icon Select "FTP Server" Input ftp server name/IP , TCP Port , Passive/Active Mode and authentication infomation. If you have trouble in charset ( non-Ascii character ) , change encodings.